People with intellectual disabilities have the right to take part and be included.

We call this "inclusive participation".

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The challenge

Right now, there are more self-advocates leaders than ever working for change. But we know people with an intellectual disability are often still not included meaningfully in the work that affects them.

"When we take part in meetings with other organisations we very rarely get the information in the way we need."

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD) guarantees the right to accessibility and participation for people with an intellectual disability.

There are lots of organisations working with people with intellectual disabilities who do this very well. However, we can all do better.

We have heard from many more organisations, who want to include people with intellectual disabilities in their work, but they need guidance to be more inclusive.

What we are doing

We currently have two Inclusive Participation projects underway:

Listen Include Respect

We are working with Inclusion International on a project called ListenIncludeRespect.

Together we are developing International Guidelines for Inclusive Participation.

The guidelines will enable organisations to make their work inclusive so that people with an intellectual disability can take part in a meaningful way.

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Listen Include Respect

Inclusive participation with CAST

In response to the increase in online communication, caused to a great extent by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are exploring solutions to the challenge of remote participation.

Many people with Down syndrome have found the transition to online communication challenging and have been unable to participate remotely or have struggled to engage.

We are working together with the UK Down's Syndrome Association with input from self-advocates and Down syndrome organisations worldwide to find new ways to make this more accesible.

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Inclusive participation with CAST

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