We provide 'Training of Trainers' to prepare doctors and nurses to train other medical professionals on what Down syndrome is, how to diagnose it, and how to provide the best possible healthcare to people with Down syndrome of all ages.

The challenge

In many countries worldwide medical professionals have a poor understanding of what Down syndrome is. They often do not know about associated medical conditions or how to ensure that people with Down syndrome maintain the best possible health throughout their lives.

What we do

We provide participants with the skills and knowledge to train other medical professionals about Down syndrome. This includes:

  • What Down syndrome is, how it can be diagnosed and associated medical conditions;
  • Best practices for providing health services to people with Down syndrome throughout the lifespan;
  • Clinical screening to identify medical conditions associated with Down syndrome as early as possible;
  • How to interact sensitively and effectively with people with Down syndrome and their families.

Long term impact

Training doctors and nurses ensures best possible healthcare for people with Down syndrome.

Our health training leaves behind a group of skilled trainers on health and Down syndrome, which is an invaluable resource for the country they are based in. This group can train the country's medical professionals to ensure they understand Down syndrome and how to provide people with Down syndrome with best possible healthcare.

This is likely to have an enormous positive impact on the healthcare that people with Down syndrome receive. Good healthcare is essential for people with Down syndrome to lead healthy lives. Being healthy is a necessary foundation for leading a fulfilling life and being able to take part in society on an equal basis with others.

Example - Oman

In Oman we trained a group of 24 doctors and nurses over 4 days to prepare them to train other medical professionals about Down syndrome. The project was supported by UNICEF and the Oman Ministry of Health.

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