Penny Green

Hello I'm Penny,

I admin the World Down Syndrome Day Facebook group, a private group for those with a close connection to the Down syndrome community. The group has over 23,000 members from all around the world including people who have Down syndrome, parents, carers, and individuals who work with people who have Down syndrome.

I have launched this appeal to support Down Syndrome International (DSi) in the work they are doing, reaching out to bring support and information to countries that are desperately in need of development work. If each of our members could make a small donation it could add up to a huge contribution to the work of DSi.

You may also like to buy an official WDSD t-shirt or socks from the WDSD shop which will also support their work.

About the WDSD facebook group

I've tried to grow this group into a place where people from across the globe can share information and support each other; it's not always harmonious but that's understandable with such a large global membership. It's been a long job and it takes up quite a bit of my time, but I feel that I am contributing something small to our global family.

Over the past 30 years, I've visited a few of them and had contact with families from very many more (I get at least one email a week asking for help, usually for a child that urgently needs heart surgery to survive) and I've tried to do what little I can to help, mainly by giving my time as like most of you my funds are limited.

So if possible, if you value the group, please make a donation of whatever you can and share this on your own page to ask others for their support too. Given how many members we have, I'm setting the target really low, so please 'Rock My Socks' and smash it for me!
Penny Green

Penny Green