In our own celebration for World Children's Day we are celebrating our children who make the world sparkle!

World Children's Day is marked each year on 20th November. 

This year we have asked families to share a photo of their child with Down syndrome and tell us why they make the world sparkle. I have so enjoyed looking at all of the beautiful photos and reading the lovely words written by the families. I know you will too!

We will be sharing the photos all this week (16-22 November) on our social media pages:

You can read about all of the children and even share your own story in the Share your story section of our website.

We support children with Down syndrome and their families around the globe!

We offer information for new parents and information about health issues that are common to children with Down syndrome.

We provide information about education and we have recently published our International Guidelines for the Education of Learners with Down Syndrome to improve the availability and quality of education for people with Down syndrome around the world and to contribute to the realisation of their right to an inclusive education and lifelong learning.

We support local organisations to train parents and professionals that work with people with Down syndrome about how to support the early development of babies and children with Down syndrome.

Do something amazing today!

We need your support at this difficult time, to respond and continue our work. 

Please consider making a donation or fundraising for DSi.


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