Shortly after launching these guidelines DSi hosted a webinar to explain a little more about them, "The International Guidelines for the Education of Learners with Down Syndrome and how they can make a positive impact". We were delighted to be joined by over 240 registrants from over 60 countries, including 35 DSi member organisation representatives. We received great feedback after the event.

You can watch a recording here:


If you haven't already you can download the International Guidelines for the Education of Learners with Down Syndrome here:


What we discussed

In this webinar, we discussed:

  • WHY - the need for international guidelines for learners with Down syndrome.
  • HOW - they were created - with input and feedback from experts and stakeholders - to be of international relevance.
  • WHAT - they contain - 3 documents in one, for leading, teaching and learning - with useful recommendations.
  • The IMPACT - the guidelines can make around the world, through implementation.
  • Initial OUTCOMES - so far since our launch in July 2020.
  • NEXT STEPS - our plan to build on the guidelines to improve education outcomes in the future.
  • Q&A - we respond to comments and questions.

Meet our speakers

Dr Rhonda Faragher PhD

Director, Down Syndrome Research Program at The University of Queensland; Associate Professor in Inclusive Education, School of Education, The University of Queensland; Trustee, Down Syndrome International

Penny Robertson OAM

Founder, Australian International Schools, Indonesia; Trustee, Down Syndrome International

Gillian Bird

Services Director, Down’s Syndrome Association (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)

Andrew Boys

Executive Director, Down Syndrome International

Helen Powell

Programme Manager, Down Syndrome International

Who should watch this?

Anyone with an interest in the education of learners with Down syndrome.

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