In this first for DSi our national representatives with Down syndrome take to the stage (or our screens to be precise) to tell us what makes good support.

"Our voices are loud and clear" - Janet Charchuk


Self-advocacy, the ability to speak for oneself and the things that are important, is of great value to people with Down syndrome as it is to us all. Self-advocacy gives us the confidence to take control of our lives and participate in our communities with confidence. 

In this webinar our national representatives talk about why self-advocacy is important to them and the skills that they have developed in order to speak up for themselves. They go on to talk about the support that they need to speak up and the best way that those around them can support them to do this.

"Being able to talk to someone, a friend, a mentor, someone who can help you be yourself and not someone else" - Kayla McKeon

If you are a person with Down syndrome, a family member, friend, employer, a professional working with people with Down syndrome or if you have an interest in making the world a more inclusive place, then this is a must watch.

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