For World Down Syndrome Day 2022 we are asking, what does inclusion mean?

We believe that everyone has the right to be involved in decision-making that affects them.

The following presentations were delivered at the 11th World Down Syndrome Day Conference in New York, 21 March 2022.

Inclusion in Organisations.

Gopal Mitra - Senior Social Affairs Officer, Executive Office of the Secretary-General, United Nations - (India)

Participation and leadership.

Dominique Kantor - Self-advocate, Validator for Fundación Visibilia, Easy to Read division - (Argentina)

My work with Listen Include Respect.

Harry Roche - Self-advocate, Inclusion Support Officer, Inclusion International - (United Kingdom)

I am inclusion.

Dewlyn Lobo - Self-advocate, President People First Canada - (Canada)

Why Self Advocate Inclusion Matters.

Daniel Chaplin - Self-advocate and Board Member and Jordan Kough - Executive Director - National Down Syndrome Congress (NDSC), (United States)

In organisations, inclusion means…

  • Involving people with Down syndrome in deciding what the organisation does.
  • Involving people with Down syndrome in all projects and campaigns.
  • Employing people with Down syndrome as paid staff.
  • Including people with Down syndrome on boards and committees.
  • Making all communication and information accessible.

In organisations, inclusion is not

  • Just consulting people after all decisions have been made. People should be involved from the start.
  • Having people with disabilities present but not able to take part due to inaccessibility.
  • Only about Easy Read materials, this helps but is not enough to make sure everyone is included.
  • Only for disability organisations.
  • Only beneficial for people with disabilities.
  • Expensive! Most changes needed are easy and cost nothing.

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