Down Syndrome International invites everyone across the world to wear LOTS OF SOCKS on 21 March 2015 to raise awareness on World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD).

We want to get people talking about WDSD on 21 March.

We can do this if we all wear socks…BUT NOT JUST ANY SOCKS…wear our Official LOTS OF SOCKS logo socks, other brightly coloured socks, long socks, printed socks, 1 sock…maybe even 3 socks for 3 chromosomes. If you don’t normally wear socks then wear them. AND WHY STOP AT SOCKS? Wear clothing with the LOTS OF SOCKS logo, or other brightly coloured clothing if you like.

The choice is yours, but we ask you to join us in wearing something which people will ask you about so that you can tell them all about WDSD.

It is easy to do, so whether you are at home, nursery, school, university, work, play, travel, holiday or anywhere, join in!

On 21 March, wear LOTS OF SOCKS and invite all your friends, family and colleagues to do the same.


If you want to wear LOTS OF SOCKS and more, here are some ways you can get involved in our LOTS OF SOCKS campaign:

  1. Order Official LOTS OF SOCKS logo socks from your national Down syndrome organisation (details of our 2015 LOTS OF SOCKS Partners to follow) or from Down Syndrome International.
  2. If you want to promote LOTS OF SOCKS in other ways, you can order LOTS OF SOCKS clothing and merchandise to use on the day (details to follow soon for 2015 merchandise).
  3. DSi will produce LOTS OF SOCKS and WDSD posters (available for download soon).
  4. Raise money to support people with Down syndrome. You can donate £1, $1, 1 Euro or a small amount in your own currency or you can hold your own fundraising event. Follow the link to our Fundraising Pack to download lots of useful resources or request a pack and LOTS OF SOCKS materials to be sent to you from Down Syndrome International.
  5. Donate this money to your local, regional or national Down syndrome charity BUT consider donating at least 25% to Down Syndrome International to support "Reach Out", our outreach training programmes in developing countries.


Good Luck!